How do search engines works?


Search engines are constantly building and updating their index to the www, they do this

by using “spiders” that “crawl” the web and fetch web pages. Then the index along with where the words came from.

When someone searches for “pest control services”  the search engine already has a list of web pages that refer to “pest control services”. The only thing left to do is to sort the web pages in order of relevance. This is done based on a number of key factors.

Exactly how a particular search engine’s algorithm works is a closely-kept trade secret. However, all major search engines follow some general rules to determine the Page Ranking:

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Search Engine usage statistics

Google is used by most of the people compared to other search engines


Why Search Engine Marketing is important?

A website without SEO is alike, A business without any advertisement.

According to statistics 80% of web visits come via search engines.


90% of users don’t navigate to second page of Search Results.

Search engine gives quality traffic because people who look for specific service or product searches online.

Search engine optimization brings paying customers to your door step.


Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing

Steps in developing SEO strategy: